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Government Agencies





C-SPAN Congressional Directory - Good listing of addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses (if they have one) of all the members of the United States House of Representatives and Senate. The information available on this site also includes mini bio’s and a list of committees on which each individual currently sits.


Central Identification Laboratory — Hawaii - CILHI - Good informational site about CILHI, their personnel, mission, and facilities. This lab is where remains are identified when recovered, and has now been combined into JPAC, the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command.


Central Intelligence Agency’s Popular Documents POW / MIA Section - On this site you will see 600+ CIA originated declassified documents that pertain to the POW/MIA issue. These documents give you a very good example of the scope of the intelligence that was available during and after the Vietnam War.


Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office — DPMO - Some useful information from the agency responsible for accounting for all of our missing personnel. You will find addresses and phone numbers for all the Casualty Offices for both military and civilian losses.


Department of Defense Freedom of Information Act Handbook - A good resource for those unfamiliar with the FOIA request process. Includes a sample letter and addresses of Department of Defense Offices that process FOIA requests. This document is in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat to open it. ** This link will automatically download the handbook to your PC in PDF format if it doesn’t show in your browser. Should this be the case check your download location for the document. **


NSA Freedom of Information Act Handbook - National Security Agency / Central Security Agency FOIA handbook.


Department of Defense Freedom of Information Act Program - Lots of FOIA information, reports and regulations. Also, this site points you to some interesting electronic reading rooms.


Library of Congress POW / MIA Database - Search LOC Vietnam Era database. Search by name, country, province, intelligence source or any other category you can think of. This data can be used to identify reel and page numbers to review in the LOC in Washington DC or to order to be sent to your local library.


National Archives and Records Administration - NARA - Good informational site about researching records at NARA.


Unites States Air Force Freedom of Information Act Site - This site has information about the FOIA request process as well as addresses of the FOIA offices of many Air Force units and bases where information can be located. Note that Maxwell AFB has an electronic FOIA site that makes requesting information easier.


United States Army Records Management and Declassification Agency - This website contains FOIA information as well as links to the Army’s Electronic Reading Room, and Unit Records Site. You will need either Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat to open documents in this Electronic Reading Room. ** This is a secure site. It is safe to load in spite of the warning that says that there is a problem with the certificate. It is a US Army site. **


United States Navy Freedom of Information Act Site - This site has information about the FOIA request process as well as links to Naval Command websites as well as some unit websites.                              


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