MORE THAN MERELY NAMES is a softbound book in excess of 360 pages that gives the most current and accurate information available about 3,768 men and women Ė US military personnel, civilians and selected foreign nationals who were/are Prisoners of War, Missing in Action or Killed in Action/Body Not Recovered from the Vietnam War.

Information contained in MORE THAN MERELY NAMES includes: ID Number, Name, Reference Number, Original Rank, Promoted to Rank, Branch of Service, Incident Date, Country of Loss, Status in 1973, Current Status, Aircraft/Vehicle/Ground, Home of Record, Birthday, Returned POWs Release Date or Escapee Date, Unit and Base of Assignment, Remains Returned and Remains Identified Dates, Whether or not the Family Accepted USG ID of Remains, Wall Location and a Biographic Section with incident loss information, which is the heart of the personís case, for nearly 3600 individuals. Examples of data provided:

A055 Adachi, Thomas Yuji, USAF 1600

[1] E5 [2] E8 [3] 4/22/70 [4] LA [5] AC130A [6] MM [7] NR [8] 16th Special Operations Squadron, 56th Special Operations Wing [9] Ubon Airbase [10] TH [11] C [12] 4/3/46 [13] Los Angeles, CA [14] [15] 11/15/93 [16] 9/26/95 [17] No [18] 11W, 34 [19] Aerial gunner/AC-armed recon mission-Rt 96A/Ho Chi Minh Trail near Ban Tang Lou. 4th pass on trucks, hit by 37mm AAA, fire in left wing, airborne 90 sec. Multiple beepers. Voice w/2, 1 rescued. Excav fnd 4 teeth/1 crown frag/139 unidentifiable bone chips

H073 Huston, Charles Gregory, USA 1108

[1] E5 [2] E6 [3] 3/28/68 [4] LA [5] ground [6] MM [7] XX [8] Command & Control Detachment, 5th Special Forces Group, 1st Special Forces [9] Nakhon Phanom [10] TH [11] C [12] 9/29/45 [13] Sidney, OH [14] [15] [16] [17] No [18] 46E, 55 [19] Rifleman w/recon patrol 15 mi inside LA- NE of Tchepone in contact w/enemy. Rope ladder dropped to team by SAR. AC took gnd fire/forced out after ARVN on board. 3 Am last seen uninjured w/enemy approaching/SAR 3 days later for 6 hrs fnd no trace.

K075 Ketchie, Scott Douglas, USMC 1824

[1] O2 [2] O3 [3] 4/9/72 [4] LA [5] A6A [6] MM [7] XX [8] Marine Attack Squadron 224, Marine Air Group 14, 1st Marine Air Wing [9] USS Coral Sea (CVA-43) [10] [11] C [12] 8/19/47 [13] Birmingham, AL [14] [15] [16] [17] No [18] 2W, 134 [19] Bombardier/Nav-AC on interdiction mission on Ho Chi Minh Trail. Attacked trucks 10 miles NE of Tchepone near DMZ. 3rd pass, hit by AAA. Both ejected over dense jungle. SAR clearly heard 2 beepers. Pilot rescued. Per NSA intercept, he was known captured.

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