TASK FORCE OMEGA, INC. was incorporated as a national organization, in Virginia in 1983 by POW/MIA family members, Vietnam veterans and concerned citizens. It is a non-profit, tax-exempt Prisoner of War organization and having met the requirements of section 501(c)(3) Internal Revenue Service Code, has been issued  IRS # 54-1243251.
TASK FORCE OMEGA INC. is in the forefront of national Prisoner of War and Missing in Action organizations. It has subordinate TASK FORCE OMEGAs in states throughout the country which also must be incorporated under Section (c)(3), IRS Code, to qualify as non-profit, tax exempt organizations.
Since its inception in 1983, TASK FORCE OMEGA, INC. has concentrated its effort on the Return of the POWs abandoned in Vietnam and Laos after the Vietnam War. Information has also been discovered that reveals the same situation existed following World War II and the Korean War. Extensive research into National Archives by associates of TASKFORCE OMEGA, INC. revealed that over 20,000 American POWs who were "liberated" by the Soviet Army from German prison camps was never released to the United States. Documents show their destinations were Siberian gulags and prison camps. There fate was spending years of hard labor in Soviet coal mines.
Further, this research supported by documents and eye-witness statements, revels Several hundred of the Korean War POWs were shipped to, and imprisoned in, China and the Soviet Union. At the end of the Korean War, there were 8177 Americans missing with approximately 400 of them documented and acknowledged by the U.S. Government to have been in captivity.
The ultimate goal of TASK FORCE OMEGA, INC. at all levels is the return of all Americans, alive or dead, captured and held by foreign governments. It is expanding its research and public awareness efforts to include those men and women abandoned to the slave labor gulags of the communist China, the Soviet Union and North Korea -- a major and necessary task.
The officers and members of TASK FORCE OMEGA, INC. have participated in Congressional hearings, public speaking, television and radio programs, and print media interviews across the country. The basic theme has been, and continues to be, to bring the plight of our POW/MIAs to the American people, and to seek public support for obtaining the release of these brave, American patriots. It also has, within its financial capabilities, written, printed and distributed hundreds of thousands of pieces of literature and information packets to Congressmen, Senators, news media, and interested individuals and organizations across the country and overseas.
Any financial assistance you, your company or organization may be able to contribute to the POW issue and TASK FORCE OMEGA, INC. would be greatly appreciated by the POWs, Their families and by TASK FORCE OMEGA, INC.
Thanks for caring

T A S K   F O R C E   O M E G A,  INC.       IRS non profit  501(c)(3)  nr.  54-1243251

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